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In our culture, love and sex, are synonymous, or at least should always be involved. This is not true, we may feel love and have a stable relationship with someone but still feel desire for another person, although only sexual desire. In its origin humans is polygamous, but the model that society has imposed on, much influenced by the culture and Judeo-Christian moral, is monogamy.

It was a levy which over time have been imposed and which is now standard.

But ...
The swingers are not polygamous, in their essence they don't fall in love with others.
The swing is the practice of social sex among couples, which could have variants of the taste fantasies of every.Thus there is usually demand by the couple, a man or a woman, for trio, although that could be considered swing, is just "the ménage trois.". There is also some that don'tt pass the preliminary and exchange of mutual affection, but at the time of penetration, each couple is with their usual partner.

All variants will be accepted, because as swingers and liberals, each couple should carry out their fantasies.
Treason something that doesn't exist between swinger couples, and so no loss of confidence among them, because there is mutual consent to sexual involvement with other people.
To see your partner with another, can be dangerous, so swinger couples must be completely aware with the implications of the swinging lifestyle.

Swinging, isn't appropriate to save marriages that are weakened.

There are many reasons why a couple decides to swing.Among the many opinions, the most invoked is of course the monotony of the relationship.

But what about the couples who start the swinging lifestyle while still lovers and married couples who are married for many years, but still swingers since the beggining?

Swinging is essentially "social sex." It is a social activity based on duly consensual sexual activity between adults.

Most cases occur with heterosexual couples.



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