10 Founder Couples


Since its birth, XClube always aimed to replicate the high quality standards that characterize the best liberal clubs in Europe and in the United States, but with a very personal touch, that may allow it to express and reflect the particularities of the culture and habits of the Portuguese people.

Connoisseurs of those realities, the ten founding couples set to work on it and, by 4th February 2006, their strong will to create a liberal club that could became the reference in its kind in Portugal came true: this was day XClube was born, in one of the most iconic and prestigious Lisbon neighbourhoods.

About a year after its opening, and to deal with the remarkable accession of tis many members, XClube suffers its first massive change. The space in which it was originally settled was expanded in more than three times, all areas were deeply refurbished and the decoration of the two main welcoming areas was totally redesigned.

Settled in a wide and multifunctional space, with several and distinct areas and environments, since then that XClube is not only a unique proposal in Portugal, but also one of the most renowned clubs of its kind in Europe. The proof lies, amongst other factors, in the several hundreds of members that visit it week after week; the compliments that it has been given by those who well know the national and international reality of this field; and the tributes from those that coming from abroad visit it… and revisit it!

“Settled in a wide and multifunctional space, XClube is not only a unique proposal in Portugal, but also one of the most renowned clubs of its kind in Europe”.

Alway betting in partner with the march of the time, and thanks to the efforts and commitment of its managers and of those who visit every week, XClube has been growing, evolving and improving continuously. In February 2013, a new management team took up its duties, consisting in five couples, all well known from the swingers’ community. With this new team, XClube’s registers a major renewal and upgrade: the disco and dancefloor are now at country’s top level in terms of area, sound and lighting; the lounge area is with no doubt the perfect place to socialize; the private area offers truly unique solutions.

Two years later, another massive change, once more for the better! XClube moves to an even more accessible, and at the same time more private and discreet, neighbourhood, just a few minutes away from Lisbon International Airport. The club premises suffer its most profound evolution ever: with an area of almost 1000 square meters, XClube is, since then, one of the biggest swing clubs in Europe, making even more noticeable the difference from all its Portuguese equivalents – in the dancefloor/disco, in the lounge area and, above all, in the private area.

With all this, nowadays, and has it always has been, XClube takes on place as a liberal club, open to all couples on the community that fulfil its admission rules, and obey to its operating rules, even though a guest list, made with great care and scrupulously observed, is always on place. So, it is here, in XClube, that a community that’s always growing, and currently reaches a highly valuable scale, reaches the perfect place to dance, take a drink, have a chat, find old friends and make new ones. Never forgetting what, since day one, has always been a landmark in XClube and for the community it is aimed for: its unforgettable theme parties. All contributing to do justice to the motto: XClube – The place to be… Since 2006



Man dreams, the works are born! And from the dream of ten couples of the community was born a project with no in parallel in Portugal: the XClube! Commitment, will, innovation and many hours of hard work lie at the origin of the one that, still, today, is the benchmark amongst the swing clubs in Portugal.


A full year of permanent, sometimes surprising, full houses. To the point of, in one theme party, XClube reach the remarkable feat of hosting not less than 280 swingers couples in just one night! An achievement hard to accomplish even today…


Already stable as a project, o XClube continues to grow and to attract new generations of couples, increasingly stating its status as the biggest swingers club in Portugal


A year marked by unforgettable nights of entertainment and sensuality, and by fantastic theme parties, characterized by magnificent productions that place XClube also as a club as good as the best in Europe


Even though the economic and financial crisis that settles in Europe, with particularly strong consequences for Portugal, XClube remains stable and keeps operating in the usual lines, weekend after weekend, also a proof of its members fidelity


Perhaps the most difficult year in the history of XClube, marked by the exacerbation of the economic crise in the country, and also by some internal mishaps. Things that obviously shook its foundations, but that que inner strength of the project, and the undisputed projection of XClube brand, allow to withstand and exceed, to the point of its members keep having in XClube its preferred meeting point EVERY weekend


The year of the Phoenix rebirth! With a new management team leading its destiny, XClube shows once more a strength and a dynamism unrivalled in Portugal, that grant its presence in the swinger scene for many years to come. Profoundly refurbished facilities, new décor, unique solutions, the same attitude of always – serve, as no other club, Portuguese swingers community, justifying the saying “XClube – The place to be.…”. This is also the year of the big theme parties return, together with de realization of events until then unprecedented in Portugal


Ten years passed by its opening, XClube evolves significantly once more, moving from historic downtown Lisbon, the neighbourhood of the “Discoveries”, to a location even more easy to access and, at the same time, more private and discrete. No occupying a facility with almost 1000 square meters, XClube continues to be one of the best swing clubs in Europe, and also one of the biggest – with no comparison, in Portugal, in which concerns the areas allocated to the disco/dancefloor, the lounge and de private zone. Not forgetting all the improvements made in fields like parking (more than 200 private places), décor, sound, lighting, and areas dedicated to interaction between couples: ten private rooms, an orgies room, a labyrinth, a dark room, the cinema theatre, and a reserved area of WC/showers.


From weaknesses making strengths, XClube’s management team, now made of four couples, overcomes the unexpected death of one of its founders, and one of Portuguese swinger community most iconic members, to, also as a kind of homage, almost re-found the biggest Portuguese swing club. Registering affluence averages with no comparison in the Portuguese swing scene, granted both by national couples as by the growing number of foreign ones that visit the club, XClube regains, often surpassing, a dynamic only known of its beginnings, weekly hosting at least a hundred couples, and offering all of them a truly hot mood! If doubts would still exist, they were totally vanished: XClube – The place to be… Since 2006