Swing: A Way Of Living


In the contemporary society, and most of all in the West culture, love and sex tend to be concepts that many intend are always connected. Mas is hasn’t always been that way.

Likewise, there are many examples of those that hypocritically defend that “obligation” but are far to comply with it.

The truth is, for many, to love and be loved and have a solid and steady relationship with someone doesn’t have to mean no to desire someone else, and assume it, even though that desire is (and most of the times tend to be) a merely sexual one. It is essential to remind that, in its origins, the human being was even polygamous, and that the toady’s prevailing monogamy arises form an imposition – rarely called in question – by a society’s model founded, or strongly influenced, by Judaeo-Christian roots, that became the rule as time went by.

Even though it isn’t easy to establish the real origins of swing, or even the way today it is mostly practiced and known, it’s undisputed that group sex practices have always existed in the society. Nowadays, swingers are not polygamous in their essence, that meaning they not necessary get in love with other persons that not their consorts.

Because of that, swing turns to be the practice of “social sex”, usually between couples, even though it can assume different variants accordingly to each own fantasies and preferences. Most common situation is, in an early stage, the couple that intend to enrich and enlarge its sexual life, begin to look for a man or a woman that join them, thereby composing a “trio” – a practice that many define as swing, but that is, above all, a “ménage à trois”. In the same way, there also those that, in a swinger relationship, stick only to the preliminary and caresses, each one ending up with its usual partner when it comes to penetration.

Regardless the definition that we may want to append them, it is unequivocal that all forms of swing must be accepted for those who intend to assume themselves as swingers and liberals, once there not more than the result of the fantasies that each couple want to fulfil. And those, as long as they always respect individual freedom of all of those involved, are totally legitimate.

“Swing turns to be the practice of “social sex”, usually between couples, even though it can assume different variants accordingly to each own fantasies and preferences”.

Even more interesting would be the fact of very important concepts in present society have little or no meaning for swingers couples. Those things that most do secretly, keeping concealed from the other, and usually considered as cheating, not only is allowed as even stimulated and agreed by the couple itself. In the same way, to be unfaith is something that does not exist between a swingers couple members, once the mutual consent for the existence of sexual relationships with other persons avoids that between them can breed the so many times terminating loose of confidence.

That don’t mean that there is no risk in the swing practice – that happens when to the decision to do it has not been paid enough thought and time, or when the couple has not a complete and perfectly fine tuning in which concerns their purposes in a swinger relationship. Because of that is important not to forget, for instance, to see our own partner with another person is something that can be not easy to deal with when the above is not fulfilled; likewise, is extremely important that swing is not something that can save less good marriages, by the opposite, it tends to complicate even more, or event destroy them, weak relationships that by this mean some try to solve or recover.

Granted is that are several reasons that may lead a couple to decide to practice the swing, one of the most popular and evoked being this is a good way to oppose the monotony that usually installs itself on a life lived only by two. But that can’t be a rule. As proven by those couples that initiate themselves in swing in the very beginning of their relationship, or by those that are swingers almost since they know each other.

What offers no doubt is that swing is, essentially, social sex. That meaning that is a social activity based in sexual activity, properly consented, and practiced between conscious and responsible adults. And not existing also here limitation or imposition of gender, the fact is most of swing activity occurs between heterosexual couples.