Personal Statements

What Is Being Said About Xclube

“I know several swing couples around the world, but in none of them have been able to find so many beautiful people, sexy and well dressed. Being able to be at XClube only for dancing with my husband, but in a mood of sensuality, made our nights hotter. It is great because there are separated areas and no one is forced to do absolutely nothing”.

Susy&Mark, Portugal-Cascais

“There is no other club in Portugal where we can find so high standards of quality and organization like those adopted by XClube. Extremely organized staff, great mood, congratulations to the DJ and music played”.

A&R Porto-Portugal

“Phenomenal club, highly recommended – at least to spice up a couple’s relationship. A very private place, impossible to meet unwanted persons even when parking the car”.

CoupleSul Palmela-Portugal

“It was hard to make the decision of getting to know XClube, approaching my husband about that was a very complicated task. But afterwards, once there, we found a space where we can dance sensually, without unwanted looks or approaches, is has an unique mood as it is a club we go almost every Saturday!…”

Nuno&Sofia - Estoril-Portugal

“We looked for a lot of “supposed” swing clubs before we get to know XClube, in a time when we were almost quitting to try to find what is for us almost a dream in terms of erotism an fun for a couple. Don’t quit and never say no before you know it!”.

Francisca&Alexandre - Expo-Portugal

“A club for all the real swingers, no shortage of fun, healthy madness, sensuality, good looking people and a lot of animation. The best experience we had as passionate couple with three kids”.

Tania&Paulo - Espanha e Portugal